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Founder / Creative Director of Creative Sauce – Mira

For as long as I can remember I’ve loved all things creative. The passion for design and photography led me to studying a Bachelor of Design (Visual Communications) UWS majoring in New Media Communications and Photomedia and ultimately my future career. I loved photography as well as design and couldn’t decide which path to take (being a Libran star sign I’m always weighing up both sides!) So when I landed my first job as a graphic designer they employed me as one of the in-house studio photographers as well. So I didn’t have to pick…

This trend of working as a dual creative has lasted over 15 years. With every project, I’ve loved the thrill of the challenge and the occasion of switching hats between being a graphic designer or a photographer. I love to think and step out of the box.

Working for many different design studios and creative agencies over the years such as Brilliant Images and Villani’s, gave me a solid foundation into the world of a creative. Working on projects for leading national and international brands.

I’m a rare breed of creative that understands and has worked as both a graphic designer and professional photographer. Proud to have accomplished many International and National awards for my images and having that under my belt! One of the greatest strengths about being a Creative Director and having a dual background is that not only can I handle the graphical aspects of a project, but also fully comprehend, participate and even lead the overall visual aspects of those creative projects. Understanding design, semiotics and how visual communications impacts a clients commercial success. Recognising the culture around their brand and ultimately producing relevant brand strategies, whilst designing meaningful communications and marketing collateral for their consumers is a basis for our designs.

In the last few years I have semi hung up my camera, but still have very close ties and a vast network within the photographic community. So instead, now I apply that experience and I’m taking it to the next level as your Creative/Art Director and Producer.

I’m a creative being, Founder and Creative Director of Creative Sauce, mum of 2, wife, daughter, sister and loyal to those around me. Sometimes a little wacky. Ask my kids what I do and they will tell you “mum does fun stuff at work”!